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Jewelry announcement!!

Thank you very much for your likes, follows and encouraging comments. I hope you have enjoyed reading stories of different pieces.

This week I am making an announcement for my upcoming collection. The theme and title of the collection is Twist with traditions. The new collection of jewelry and wall art pieces will be open for viewing and sale in the beginning of next year, second week of January 2017.

I have been asked for a piece of jewellery or a wall frame in the same lines as the Saraswati of Dushehra and Rangoli Necklace. I have already sold two Saraswati frames and have few orders for the same. This got me thinking and I decided to bring a complete new collection.
Here is a pic of ready to frame Saraswati mount on fabric.


Ready to frame Saraswati

Twist with traditions is mainly about using different Indian traditional motifs, traditional designs with a different approach and unusual use of materials. Research and shortlisting of traditional designs is going on, I am sketching for the same. Fabrics, stones and other materials are being sorted and finalized for the collection. The air in my work space is full of excitement for new creation.


Some sketches


Your’s truly at work!

This ‘Twist with traditions’ collection does not limit to this first batch of pieces. The collection will keep growing. The design ideas and possibilities on this track are endless. This is only the beginning of a themed collection.

Shipping and custom orders are possible for few of the pieces this time.

Exciting times!!   With the announcement, I will get back to sketching.

Until next week… bye bye!

– Nee


2 comments on “Jewelry announcement!!

  1. Madhuri
    December 9, 2016

    great going nee!

    Liked by 1 person

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