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Let it flow!

Past two weeks had been pretty happening. Shopping, wedding in the family, meeting all uncles and aunts and cousins, impossible deadlines, new year celebrations, meetings for new project, some favorable things, ever-growing to do list.

In that whole deal, I made this new piece. Like I said, there was a wedding in the family. Family in strictly Indian sense. There were two occasions I was supposed to go to. One was a cocktail party before the wedding and second was actual wedding.

It was a typical Marathi wedding. A morning wedding. So at the time of wedding, I decided to wear one of my sarees and use my traditional pearl jewelry with it.

I did not want to wear a sassy saree for cocktail party.  I did not have time to make my own stuff. And as usual, I could not find anything that I like and looks good on me in any other shops but Fab India.

I do not understand this. When I go for some work shopping, I see so many great clothes that I like and might look good on me and fit in my budget as well. But when I go for shopping for myself, I do not find anything of my liking anywhere else but in Fab 99% of times.

And this time was one of the 99%. I bought a cotton silk magenta long tunic kurta and grey silk palazzos. I decided to make jewelry for myself to go with this ensemble.

I don’t like to wear jewelry in my neck, ears and wrists at the same time unless it is a specifically traditional attire.The jewelry piece needed to be a statement piece. It needed to be bold enough so I can flaunt it. And subtle as well because rest of my attire called for a very sophisticated accessories.

Also it was a family get together. I was going to see so many of my mom’s side relatives after so long. I am connected with few of them on facebook and they sort of know about my different adventures. But meeting them after a long time was different. Flaunting my own jewelry piece turned out to be perfect idea. Most of the people I met at the cocktail party loved the piece.

I used a deeper purple fabric, german silver wire and blue n magenta threads. I decided that I need a vertical pendent. It will be apt style-wise and also it will go well with my heavy body. I sketched about 15 different wire designs that were to go on the vertical stripe of fabric. Wave and square pattern seemed to fit the bill. Similar wave pattern was repeated in the dangles and in the cord. Multiple strands of blue and 2 strands of magenta thread was used in the cord along with hammer flattened wire link.

I named this as Let it flow neck-piece owing to the wavy pattern. It may remind you of the 90’s Tony Braxton if you are a fan of R&B. I am not a fan as such but I know the song.

For me this title has a different significance. I will be talking about that in coming months.

I will have similar fabric n wire pieces in my upcoming collection. Hope you like this one and hope you are looking forward to the new collection. Let me get back to making the piece.

Bye for now.

– Nee


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