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It is that time of the year when I am super busy finishing files and ending the year. or NOT! But this is definitely that time of the year when I am busy making the new collection since I first launched it 2 years ago.

Yes Nee’s creation is going to be 2-year-old and like last year, there will be a new collection opening on the anniversary which is April 10th.

This year there will be two sections based on different themes. One is Twist with tradition. I had announced this section as a separate collection and was supposed to bring forth in January but then with my film and designing of two different shows, I just had to keep the collection aside.  So one of the section in the anniversary collection is Twist with tradition. You can read more about the style of this section in my earlier blog post from december.

Another section is ‘Adikatha’ based on the theatre piece I designed recently. My last blog post talks about the designing of the whole play including jewelry. I am hoping to get the photographs for the show soon so I can show you how it turned out. But meanwhile I will be making a collection based on the jewelry I designed for this show.

There will be more neck pieces and earrings in the collection. For those who need to have a neck piece and earring set, you can purchase a neck piece and a pair of earrings that go together. That option will be available to you.


Work work work!

Another thing is I will be shipping jewelry within India. The details about that will be sent to you once you decide to make a purchase.

I do understand the need to hold the piece, try on before buying. Also I do understand that since this kind of jewelry is a bit unusual so you may not be familiar with the actual look, feel of it. So you would want to see it first before buying it. Well you are lucky if you happen to be in Mumbai or Pune.

Mumbaikars and Punekars if you do want to see the jewelry before you buy it, please send me an email or send a message to my Facebook page. If there is a good number of people interested, I might be able to plan a showing in Mumbai and Pune only.

Also if you buy my jewelry and you want a personalized styling advise, I can do that for you. Of course there will be extra charges for that, but I will make sure you will look gorgeous in your own comfort zone.

Anyway let me get back to twisting n turning n pounding the wires.

Milate hai break ke bad (see you later!)

– Nee


2 comments on “Announcement!

  1. Aparna
    March 15, 2017

    I would surely like to have one. But not sure what styling will go with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • needhapa
      March 15, 2017

      Thanks Aparna. I can style the ensemble for you.


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