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After the break!

When you start planning wire work to make every little thing you see around you, you know the break is over and its time you need to get back to turning n twisting wires.

Your friend invites you for her new film, you know it is the sign for you to get back to turning and twisting wires.

So basically, I am back in the loop (no pun intended!) again. Wires are being cut, hammered, twisted, knotted, coiled and all that.

My friend Chinmayee always loved the very few hair pins I made with wire. I had sketched basic idea for her piece in my collection in April but could not get around to make it.

This time I decided to pull myself up from the lazyness cove and make it in time.

The piece you can see in the picture has copper as a base and german silver as accents.
I have used two gauges in copper. The main frame including the prongs is made with 16 gauge and the spiral is made with 18 gauge. German silver wire is of 20 gauge.

This one does not hold hair in place. It works as a decorative piece only. But if your hair stay knotted in a bun without any pin or other extra stuff then this will hold your hair just fine.


Hair pin

And you can see how beautifully she flaunts it..
PC Deeya Sumeet


Chinmayee adorning the new hair pin!

I will be back with more craft work and more stories. Till then bye bye!

– Nee


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