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Nee turned 5 – 3

Wire looks like a thick thread. Fooled by the look, people often mistake it to be really easy to bend and shape the wire. Bending the wire at the exact … Continue reading

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Nee turned five – 2

I used a pebble I had picked from somewhere and tried wrapping it with wire for practice. The rawness of pebble and unpolished metal matched instantly. My style was found. … Continue reading

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Nee is turning 5

Nee, my wire adventure is completing 5 years since it’s first collection on April 10th 2015. Many things were planned for 5th anniversary including an anniversary collection and a physical … Continue reading

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Nee’s 7th Anniversary collection – April 2022

This anniversary marks a new beginning, a new path. I am trying to explore wire art beyond jewellery. Here are few introductory, mix media wire art pieces. Hope you like … Continue reading

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Dam model

“Here is the wall of the dam, here is the reservoir, the resort cottages will be spread over all this land in the mountains!”  We will see the wall of … Continue reading

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Learn wire work from Nee

So finally after many requests, I have gained enough courage to teach basic wirework. Here is the announcement for first workshop. so if you are interested, email me! – Nee

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Making the landscape of Nadi Vahate

“The village looks like a village and people look like real people. So what exactly did you do as a production designer of this film Nadi Vahate(River Flows)?” Many has … Continue reading

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Mhadei flows!

As announced before, first part of my Mhadei series opened on April 10th 2018 (Nee’s 3rd anniversary!) on my facebook page. This series has 12 neckpieces. In these neckpieces I … Continue reading

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Lakme Saree & world theatre day!

The Indian cosmetic brand Lakme has come up with a saree line, that was specially designed for world theatre day. Did you read this twice to make sure you read … Continue reading

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O Mhadei!!

The most alive and beautiful thing in the nature is a river. The journey of the river from where it originates till it meets the is full of surprises.  Gorgeous, … Continue reading

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Just like you want!

Past many months have been extremely busy with many things. I had promised to talk about my film’s design. I intend to keep this promise. Soon..  But today there is … Continue reading

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Nadi Vahate

You will be seeing a lot of this title on my blog and on my Facebook wall and everything that concerns me.  It is the title of a Marathi feature … Continue reading

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After the break!

When you start planning wire work to make every little thing you see around you, you know the break is over and its time you need to get back to … Continue reading

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Fun with Manjarpat!!

Working on a period piece with small budget? Need lengths of fabric? Fiqar not! (Don’t worry!) Manjarpat is there for your rescue. Select the appropriate density and get that dyed … Continue reading

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