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Nadi Vahate

You will be seeing a lot of this title on my blog and on my Facebook wall and everything that concerns me.  It is the title of a Marathi feature film that I produced and designed. It means ‘River Flows’.  Nadi Vahate is written and directed by Sandeep Sawant (Dir: Shwaas). Film is slated to release this September. Date will be out soon.

The basic premise of the film ‘Nadi Vahate’ is the relationship between a river and people along its banks with respect to their life, needs, desires and greed. 
Saving small rivers flowing through different villages is the need of the hour. It is the only way to sustainable development. 
This film is a journey of people’s constructive resistance to save their river and to become self-sufficient where hard work and continuous efforts are inevitable. This is a story of constructive confrontation for survival by common people

Here is the motion poster of our film

As I said earlier, I am production designer of the film. I will be writing about my art direction and costume designing for this film in detail in next few weeks. but for now I want my readers to design something.

As a kid everyone of you must have painted this typical landscape of a river flowing through mountains with sun happily shining in the sky above. Now I would like you to paint a river that is close to your heart to make a poster for ‘Nadi Vahate’. Bring out your paints (real or digital), let your beloved river flow on your canvas or paper or screen and send it to us via email on


You can use the calligraphy in the image above. It is Nadi Vahate written in Marathi.
This calligraphy is done by a senior artist Chandramohan Kulkarni

So get set n go! Who knows, you might be in for a little reward for your poster!

Wish you all the best!

– Nee


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